Destinations that are the friendliest for women

As it is International Women’s Day I thought I would share a list of those travel destinations and countries that are the best for women.


This country is a safe haven for everyone who wants to visit.  Sweden is one of the most liberal places in the world to visit and therefore is also a great destination if you are L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ as indeed are all of these countries below.

Stockholm waterfront

Stockholm waterfront at sunset


Denmark and their Hygge lifestyle is next in our list.  This amazing country has one of the best tax subsidised day care and very generous shared parental leave too meaning women are encouraged to thrive.  Women are very well represented in the Danish government.

Copenhagen cityscape

Copenhagen cityscape


Netherlands is in number 3 as it remains committed to increasing women’s economic independence and financial self-sufficiency. Equality between women and men is used as a guiding principle for their foreign and development efforts, providing a basis for stability and economic prosperity.


Amsterdam windmills


Norway is in number 4 although in 2019 it was found to have the best quality of life if you are a woman according to the latest Women, Peace and Security Index.  They have made significant gains in women’s perception of safety when they live in the country or indeed visit too.


Norway Northern Lights


Canada is in 5thplace as an increasingly safe place to travel too in fact recently voted as being the 8thsafest country on the planet.  Its police force are the most honest too which is important to know if you are travelling there.

Canada landscape

Canada landscape


Finland is number 6thin our list.  Finnish women were the first ones in Europe granted the right to vote back in 1906.  They also were given the right to stand for parliament too which is probably the reason there are significant numbers in the Finnish parliament today.

Helsinki waterfront

Summer by Helsinki waterfront – Finland

New Zealand

New Zealand is 7thin our list and was the first self-governing country in the world where women were entitled to vote.  Even today their female Prime Minister Jacinda Adernis credited with handling the current Covid pandemic in the most efficient way.

Auckland skyline during a stormy day

Auckland skyline during a stormy day


Finally Iceland is arguably one of the world’s most gender-equal countries. It is listed as number one in the 2016 best places to work by The Economist’s women index. It has been named the most feminist country in the world, and has been listed number one on the World Economic Forum gender pay gap index since 2009.

Iceland viking ship in Reykjavik

Iceland viking ship in Reykjavik

So which one of these would you most like to visit? Can I help you to plan an epic adventure? Please do send me a message as I would love to make this the best trip of your life!

Happy travels,


Sarah x

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