I love Iceland

I love Iceland

Lots of people have Iceland on their bucket lists and so I’d love to help you to ensure it is the best experience ever.  Here is why I care so much…

Is it the Nordics?

I think I might actually love Iceland the most out of all the Nordics.  Shhhh don’t tell any of my Finnish or Swedish friends! Although they might argue that Iceland isn’t really the Nordics as it is a little out on its own in between Europe and North America so a perfect stopping off point for travellers between the two continents.  The Vikings used it for this reason over a thousand years ago and the nations airline has this is their strategy today with travellers being able to stop off en route for up to 7 nights in Iceland, for no additional airfare cost, before continuing their journey to North America.  I think it’s a great excuse for a twin centre holiday and I have done that before twinning a weekend in Reykjavik with a three day New York trip.  It was amazing.

Thermal pools

I have visited Iceland six times now and I never get bored of the place.  The country is filled with epic landscapes, amazing sights and my favourite hot thermal springs almost round every corner.  Every village in Iceland has it’s own municipal outdoor swimming pool that’s heated using water from the thermal resources so they are toasty warm and you can see the steam rising from them from a distance.  You will see locals have a dip here before work to start their days or relaxing in the even hotter Jacuzzi tubs, they call hot pots, with a cold beer to wind down in the evening.  Sounds like a perfect way of life to me and I think I could deal with the cold winters with this kind of set up!

Natural springs in Iceland

Natural springs in Iceland – another reason I love Iceland

Friendliest and most positive place

The Icelandic people are so friendly and positive too.  They have lived and evolved on an island that is volcanic, so ever changing.  They are the experts at handling change in a positive way and dealing with things swiftly too.  Their mind-set is amazing.  I am blessed to now have some Icelandic friends and I’m always in awe of the way they handle change.  Like with COVID, tourism is a huge revenue source for the country and so because of the pandemic lots were made redundant but they remained positive seeing it as an opportunity to spend time with family and for some to undertake personal development too.  They take everything in their stride.  The government too took the opportunity to use the fall in visitor numbers to invest money in infrastructure development to better serve the tourists who will return in the future.

Me on a glacier in Iceland

Me on a glacier in Iceland (I was 5 months pregnant here too!)

Delicious and organic food

Icelandic food often gets a bad reputation because of the fermented shark and other such foods that the Vikings needed for their long sea voyages but on the whole more palatable foods are commonly eaten.  The Icelandic cod is amazing so fresh and delicious as is most of the seafood here. Interestingly for such a cold island most of their food produce is grown on the island including tomatoes, bananas etc too.  After they endured the economic crash in 2008 they had to become self-sustaining so massive greenhouses heated by thermal energy now grow virtually everything they need providing the nation with fresh organic food.

Environmentally friendly

Iceland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries on the planet with 85% of all its energy coming from renewable sources (100% of its electricity is from renewable energy).  It is mainly cars and transport that contribute to the remaining 25% but I am sure once electric car batteries get a longer charge span, so are able to travel vast distances between charges, and are able to operate in cold temperatures then this will soon change.  As an eco destination this one is an amazing choice.

Icelandic horses are so beautiful yet hardy too and one of the most amazing breeds if you like horse riding this country is amazing too.

Icelandic horse

Icelandic horse – another reason I love Iceland

World famous back drops worthy of TV and film

The outdoor activities whether you venture in summer or winter are spectacular.  The site of the first-ever global parliament and democracy Thingvellir is so inspiring that it has featured in so many blockbuster films and series including of course Winterfell in Game of Thrones.

Gullfoss waterfall frozen

Gullfoss waterfall frozen – one of the sights on the Golden Circle route and setting for Winterfell in Game of Thrones

So much to see outside of the Golden Circle

Even if you have already been to Iceland and checked off the Golden Circle route (geysers, famous Gulfoss waterfall and Thingvellir) and visited the Blue Lagoon, I can assure you there are still lots of other amazing things to do and see. There are other smaller gorgeous lagoons, epic waterfalls, diamond beaches, an Icelandic giants causeway, whales and other phenomenal sights that would blow you away (and not just because it can be quite windy!).

The Blue Lagoon

The famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Fancy a trip?

I would really love to help you to experience the Iceland I adore and to see first hand just why I love it as much as I do.

Please drop me a line and let me tailor make a trip to remember from my personal expert experience and my little black book containing details of the best restaurants and bars too.

Seafront in Reykjavik

Tourist taking photos on the Seafront in Reykjavik


Gleðileg ferðalög, ást


Sarah  xxx

(That’s happy travels, love Sarah in Icelandic!)


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