Aren’t you a travel agent then?

Aren’t you a travel agent then?

I spoke to someone the other day and introduced myself as a luxury travel concierge and they said “oh sorry I thought you were a travel agent”. I had to explain to them what the difference was and that I was indeed a travel agent but one who offered much more than that.

As a travel agent I of course have protection from ABTA for any accommodation I book and from ATOL for any packages (including flights) that I book. As a travel agent I have access to all kinds of things including flights, hotels, cruises, tours, yacht hire, private jets, helicopters, villas, mansions, ski lodges, train journeys, safaris, activities, excursions, airport lounge access, hire cars, concert and sport tickets, theme park tickets, transfers and more.

Sarah Stephens – Luxury concierge ready to plan travel

Luxury travel concierge

In my role as a luxury concierge I go one step further in that I design bespoke itineraries for my clients that may include all or some of the things in the earlier paragraph but also must see sights, recommended restaurants (with reservations where needed), activities, experiences such as a candlelit dinner on a beach or a party and you have me if anything needs rearranging while you are away on holiday too. These additional services are an optional extra for my clients who want to ensure their next holiday is the best yet.

VIP Travel planning days

I am also launching VIP planning days for my clients who are super busy and would like to have a diary full of holidays and fun to look forward to for 2023.

I come to your home or we meet in a lovely venue over lunch and spend a day talking about what you’d like to experience for the next year so we can diarise all of your holidays, weekends away, staycations, fun theatre trips etc too.

I help you to plan all of your holidays and trips for the next year so you have lots to look forward to and don’t have to lift a finger or worry about it. Even if you only know you want a beach trip or a city break for certain dates but can’t decide or think where to go then I can match or suggest some perfect destinations for you. Destinations, hotels and resorts we can talk through face to face and I can bring up details for you to look at while we are together too.

Luxury concierge planning travel 2022

I can also take down details such as your children’s school term dates, name and date of birth details so you don’t have to ever give me these again should you decide at a later date that you just need to get away for May half term as that’s all you would need to say given I have all of your details or if after your session you decide you want to take little Johnny to Disneyland Paris for his birthday well I will already know when this is so my future services to you will be streamlined.

Most of the trips can be secured with a low deposit now and I will remind you when the balance is due so you don’t need to worry about that either. I can also liaise with any friends or family members to take their separate payments for any group trips. Closer to the time I can also book things like airport lounges, car hire and excursions for you too providing you with a full itinerary before you depart on your trip.

I have experience of travelling as a solo traveller, as a couple, with small children and planning larger group trips too for friends and family. I can also help you with any group holidays or weekends away too.

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