Why you should take your kids to the Maldives?

If you think of the ideal place for a perfect holiday, the Maldives may be the first place that comes to mind. Located in the Indian Ocean, this paradise of islands attracts thousands of tourists every year. It offers white sand beaches, turquoise-blue waters and stunning coral reefs, which make the Maldives one of the most sought-after holiday destinations.

Beautiful Maldives photo credit by Pasja1000 by Pixabay

The Maldives is a perfect place to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature. It is known for its peaceful, calm atmosphere, small island hotels and resorts, romantic sunsets and warm people. White sand beaches make the perfect backdrop for long walks and sunsets, while the beaches offer plenty of activities such as swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. You can also go fishing and explore the many lagoons.


I have helped many clients to plan a perfect holiday in these islands whether travelling solo, as a couple celebrating a special occasion such as honeymoon or anniversary or even a family group there is an island perfect for everyone.

Solo travel to Maldives photo credit Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

There are plenty of activities for the luxury-seekers in the Maldives. From upscale restaurants to spas and private resorts, you’ll be able to find something to suit your taste and style. The Maldives also offer plenty of activities for the nature-lover, such as sailing, diving, mountain biking and bird-watching. There are also several national parks and nature reserves on the islands that offer a chance to experience rare wildlife and spectacular scenery. You can even surf from some of the beaches too!


For the food-lover, the Maldives offers some of the freshest seafood available, as well as a variety of cultural curry based dishes. I have arranged several candlelight dinners on the beach for clients, as the backdrop is breathtaking.

Candlelit dinner in Maldives

Candlelit dinner on beach in Maldives credit SHanche

The Maldives really is the perfect destination with its combination of natural beauty, incredible activities and vibrant culture. So if you’re looking for a special and unforgettable getaway, consider the Maldives for your next holiday and let me find the ideal island to suit you!

If you’d like to hear a mum talk about her experience of taking her children to the Maldives and why she thinks travelling long haul with them is a great idea with lots of tips then listen to episode 2 of the Travellers Tales where I chat to travel loving friend Lisa Byrne.  Here’s a link to it https://youtube.com/live/Pc2RU_NEKJI

If I can find the perfect Maldives island for you and your loved ones plus arrange all the extras like unique experiences, special activities, airport transfers, lounge access etc then message me for a free consultation sarahstephensescapes@gmail.com

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