California dreaming – Case Study

California Dreaming

I often chat to clients about their travel dreams and sometimes they don’t actually believe that those dreams could be a reality at that present moment, so I wanted to share a client case study with you so you understand a little about how I work.

Sunset at Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, USA

Sunset at Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, USA

What’s your dream destination?

I spoke to a client after she responded to one of my posts about her dream holiday destination. Her dream holiday was a road trip round California but she said it was something that would probably have to wait until 2022 because all travel agents she had spoken to had told her that her budget wasn’t realistic given she needed to travel during school holidays in peak season.


Her budget was £6,000 for a family of three to do a 3-4 week road trip in peak season and ideally she wanted to include Yosemite in this too. She had been quoted a minimum of £7,000 by various other agents so had discounted the idea entirely.

Zoom chat

After a zoom consultation where I chatted to her about her past holidays and what she loved about them. Plus about what she would most like to do or see on a Californian road trip and what would make a perfect trip for her. We also chatted about how she thought she would only be able to afford to camp or stay in budget hotels even though her son would prefer more upmarket ones.

Pier 4 Downtown San Francisco, USA

Pier 4 Downtown San Francisco, USA

Tailored quote

I went away and came back to her with not only a bespoke tailored trip bang on budget but also included Yosemite that was on her wish list too. The majority of the hotels were 4 star or boutique properties too so she didn’t have to downgrade either in order to make the trip work. It also included the use of a car.

Believe in your dreams

So even if other agents tell you that your travel dreams are unobtainable DO NOT believe them until you have spoken to me. I’m not a travel dream maker for nothing. I can often find a way to make your dreams happen but you may need to be a little flexible on dates or schedule or some aspect of the trip.

You don't need magic just a destination

You don’t need magic to disappear just a destination

I like a challenge…

Rest assured I can make travel dreams a reality so drop me a line today to see how I can help you but before you ask no I can’t organise a 5 star all inclusive for £2.50 please be realistic.

I do like a challenge though so feel free to share your dreams with me and I will do my best to help you realise them.

Happy dreaming!

Sarah x

Email me today or DM via facebook or insta @sarahstephensescapes to arrange a zoom chat.

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