Top Five Tips for Long Haul Travel

Lots of people ask me regularly for advice regarding long haul travel and hopefully now that a COVID vaccine has been found more of you will be looking to travel further a field next year perhaps some of your are considering taking that postponed honeymoon?

So here are my top five tips if you are flying long haul (fyi they are also applicable if you’re going short haul too!)

Take a change of clothes in your hand luggage

I once had a member of cabin crew spill a glass of fresh orange juice on me at the start of a 10-hour Air New Zealand flight.  Thankfully I had a change of outfit in my hand luggage otherwise that flight would have been unbearable.

Top 5 tips for travelling long haul

Top 5 tips for travelling long haul

Baby wipes even if you don’t have children are amazing

These were a game changer for me as it enables you to quickly freshen up without even having to leave your seat and you can also give things a quick wipe down on boarding if you want to reassure yourself everything is clean.

Take a reusable straw

Straws are amazing in these mask-wearing times so pop a reusable one in your hand luggage.  Lots come in cases or pouches too for easy transportation.

Reusable straws in case

Reusable straws in case are a great idea for flying long haul

Have several replacement clean face masks in your bag

So you can again easily freshen up after an on board snooze or perhaps just before you arrive at your destination.

Free slippers or flip-flops

Pop those free disposable hotel slippers or flip-flops in your bag too (yes we all know you took them from that last posh hotel or spa stay or at least I did!) These are great so you can slip your shoes off on board to relax yet avoid visiting the bathroom in just your socks. Anyone else see people doing this?

So there you are my top five tips.  Do you have any other tips?

I also recommend airport lounges if you have a long journey with a number of transfers as for approximately £40 you can enjoy a hot shower, a hot meal, drinks, free wifi and safe clean space to relax in too.

Please let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to answer in my next blog post?

Happy travelling!


Sarah xxx

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