I am the Nordics expert

I am the Nordics expert

I have been to Finland four times and to Iceland six.  I have also travelled round Sweden and been to Stockholm twice (a friend of mine lives there).  I have also been to Norway three times (my best friend used to live there too).  You could say I know the Nordics pretty well and as I’m usually the person in the room that’s been there the most so I’d say I was an expert in most gatherings.

Stockholm waterfront

Stockholm waterfront at sunset

My love of these countries is one reason I wanted to become an independent travel agent I’d like others to learn how amazing they are, for them to get the most out of trips there (not just visiting the lauded sites either) and so I have decided to do a little blog post about each of them.

Me on a glacier in Iceland

Me on a glacier in Iceland (I was 5 months pregnant here too!)

First up “I love Iceland”

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